AeroTestra is a company dedicated to designing durable, functional unmanned aircraft for all types of commercial applications. From agriculture to 3D mapping and remote sensing, our solutions answer the demands of rigorous use with innovative design solutions. 

AeroTestra Unmanned Aircraft Design

At AeroTestra, we use a patent pending construction method to develop and manufacture small unmanned aircraft focused on:

  • Functionality Our aircraft are designed around specific applications. We design solutions for organizations to quickly and efficiently integrate small unmanned systems into their workflow.  
  • Reliability Every part on our aircraft meet the highest standard for reliable operation. Coupled with the highly trained technicians that assemble and test each aircraft, the result is an sUAV with an exceptional safety record. 
  • Durability Known as a "thin shell structure", our "exo-skeletal" air frame is stiffer, lighter and many times stronger than the conventional "skeletal" designs while offering protection for sensors, avionics and other sensitive electronics. 

 View and download The data sheet and aircraft part description here 


Projects and Updates

We are constantly developing to keep pace with the evolving technology of commercial and civilian UAV applications. To see what we are working on and some groups that we are collaborating with, click the button below.