AeroTestra is a company dedicated to designing durable, functional unmanned aircraft for all types of commercial applications. From agriculture to 3D mapping and remote sensing, our solutions answer the demands of rigorous use with innovative design solutions. 

Meet IVAN ( Mk 09)

Commercial Applications

3D Mapping

With an available brushless gimbal, digital camera and Agisoft Professional photo scanning software you can generate high resolution, 3D terrain models from multiple aerial images. 

Image courtesy of P. Bertolino

Image courtesy of P. Bertolino

Aerial Photography

High quality still photographs and video footage can be obtained with predefined flight paths or by "line of sight" remote control. Using an extra channel on the radio you are able to control the angle of the camera. Vibration isolating shock absorbers and a brushless gimbal will provide stabilized, "blur free" images and video.

Agricultural Inspection

One of the major uses of sUAV technology in the years to come is crop inspection. Using standard aerial photography large areas can be surveyed at high resolution to identify areas that may require closer inspection.

With modified cameras capable of near infrared imaging it is possible to measure the photosynthesis level ,or health, of a crop. 

Results from water sensor testing

Results from water sensor testing

Ecological Geo-spatial Sensing

This essentially refers to the use of sUAV and utilization of all types of multispectral imaging as well as physical sensors to assess the current state of water quality, wildlife populations, among many conditions that can be measured in the environment.